ID No. 0000051221: Certified Vocational Trainer (TÜV)

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Certification Program Title:Certified Vocational Trainer (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:
  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Qualification as skilled worker in technical area related to the program structure of the training institution
  • Previous working experience as Trainer in international vocational settings
Examination Components:
  • Written exam (multiple choice)
  • Quality Check of a “Training Guideline” elaborated by candidates and being evaluated by external examiner, approx. 5 days elaboration and 1 hr evaluation
  • Delivery of a training session by candidates applying the “Trainer Guideline” duration  30-60 minutes and 20 minutes assessment session with examiners
Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Capability to elaboration of a training package (named “Trainer Guideline”) to plan, implement and evaluate a practical training session following the 4-Step-method
  • Capability to plan and conduct a training session to implement a practical assignment under the approach of the 4-step-method
  • Teaching competencies in performing instruction and demonstration on workshop level
  • Training Competencies in supervising and evaluation trainees during imitation and practicing the skills and evaluating the overall performance

Certified Vocational Trainers have solid methodical and didactical competence, which enables them to teach knowledge and skills in application of the 4-step-method tailored to a specific target group.

They create the necessary learning environment and activate trainer candidates by using the appropriate learning materials and methods considering client requirements. By developing, planning and carrying out teaching units they ensure the implementation of defined specific learning objectives and verify their achievement.


Successful participation in the 2 given parts of training and delivery for a „Certified Vocational Trainer (TÜV)” with TÜV Rheinland certified Qualification training session.
Proof of running continued professional training sessions for more than 10 man-days per year (for the 3 last years)

Cooperation Partner:NITI National Industrial Training Institute
Currently implemented in:Saudi Arabia