ID No. 0000044804: Welding Inspector – Comprehensive Level (TÜV)

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Certification Program Title:Welding Inspector – Comprehensive Level (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:
  • Completion of TÜV Rheinland preparatory course in Welding Technology and Welding Inspection  - module for Comprehensive Level, recognized by the TUV Rheinland certification body.
  • Admission to the exam is granted on 90% attendance of the teaching units
  • Graduated in Engineering field, or
  • Qualified as Welding Engineer, Welding Technologist or  Welding Specialist with five years experience, or
  • Certified as Welding Inspector (Standard) with two years experience
Examination Components:
  • Written exam (multiple choice and open questions)
  • Oral exam
  • Practical exam
Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas of welding inspection - Comprehensive level:

  • NDT, mechanical testing
  • Review and application of welding instruction
  • Material and metalurgic specification
  • Consumables specification
  • Technical drawing
  • Preparation of welding procedure
  • Preparation of welding inspection procedures
  • Quality control
  • Welding equipment
  • National and international regulation
  • Identification of welding defects
  • Inspection based on national requirements

Requirements for recertification:

  • Renew after 3 years without examination
  • Proof of eye test

Requirements for recertification after further 3 years:

  • Portfolio test to verify  evidence of continuing professional development and,
  • Pass 60% of written recertification test to verify welding technology knowledge and,
  • Practical test to verify knowledge of inspection of welded joints.
Cooperation Partner:TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l.
Currently implemented in:Italy