ID 0000043800: Certified Qualification of the Service Technicians of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH

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Título de la Cualificación:Certified Qualification of the Service Technicians of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH
Requisitos de Admisión:

This certification confirms that Viessmann Deutschland GmbH maintains an effective system of employee qualification. The effectiveness of the training of Service Technicians is proven in a written examination before the independent Personnel Certification Body PersCert TÜV. A minimum of 80% of employees responsible for service are holders of the certificate “Service Technician with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification”. The number of certified employees is monitored by PersCert TÜV on an annual basis. Service Technicians undergo a recertification process, which ensures the sustainability of the competencies gained by means of recurring examination every three years.

Componentes de Examen:

Written examination (Multiple Choice)

Competencias Requeridas:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Gas wall appliances
  • Oil and gas combustion
  • RES (Regenerative Energy Systems)

With the certificate “Certified Qualification of Service Technicians of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH” the effectiveness of the defined processes for employee qualification is confirmed. By means of annual monitoring and a recertification process for all certified employees the sustainability of the measures defined is ensured.

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