ID No. 0000043366: TÜV Rheinland Certified Pest Control Company – Biotec Klute GmbH

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Certification Program Title:TÜV Rheinland Certified Pest Control Company – Biotec Klute GmbH
Admission Requirements:

Companies that commercially detect and control pest infestation and carry out the necessary follow up work are granted admission to the certification as a TÜV Rheinland Certified Pest Control Company.

Examination Components:

The inspection is carried out based on the „Guidelines TÜV Rheinland Certified Pest Control Company“.
Inspection criteria are:

  1. The pest control company has created a company hand book, which regulates the processes within the company.
  2. Up to date and complete essential documents, for example business registration, authorization certificates and evidence of reporting obligations, insurance certificates, and certificates of qualification etc.
  3. Up-to-date and complete reporting according to appendix I no. 3 of the German dangerous substances regulations with the trade supervision authority and the permission to kill vertebrate animals according to § 11 of the German Animal Protection Act.
  4. Sufficient personnel resources according to legal requirements and recognized technical regulations (DIN16636 (Draft)) for the foreseen regular training needs analysis and for conducting suitable further training courses.
  5. Availability of a compliant hazard assessment according to §5 of the German Occupational Safety Act, Biological Agents Regulations and Hazardous Substance Regulations and availability of suitable operating instructions.
  6. Implementation and documentation of the necessary instruction according to the German Occupational Safety Act as well as other legal regulations.
  7. Effective implementation of the service using information sheets, warning signs and documentation forms. The organizational processing of the service is according to the requirements of DIN 16636 (Draft). An essential fundamental of the pest control measures are working instructions, which fulfil the requirements of the DIN 16636 (draft) and are continually revised.
  8. The availability of suitable working clothes and protective equipment.
  9. All company machines, appliances and equipment are inspected and maintained according to manufacturer specification and according to occupational safety regulations.
  10. The adequate suitability of the company site for the tasks to be performed.
  11. Company vehicles must be sufficiently equipped for the tasks to be performed and the load must be sufficiently secured.
Required Competencies:

TÜV Rheinland – Certified Pest Control Companies have proven their conformity with the guidelines. As a result of their organizational, personnel and technical resources they are in a position to implement the valid legal requirements and the technically recognized regulations. This is particularly true of the application restrictions (risk minimization measures) (RMM) due to the approval of pesticides according to the German Biocidal Regulation, the DIN 10523 (Pest Control in Food Factories) and the DIN EN 16636 (Draft, Pest Control Services – Requirements, Recommendations and Fundamental Knowledge).

Cooperation Partner:Biotec Klute GmbH
Currently implemented in:Germany


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