ID 0000042886: Subsequent Waterproofing of Buildings, TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification

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Título de la Cualificación:Subsequent Waterproofing of Buildings, TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification
Requisitos de Admisión:
  • Building Protection Technician, Bricklayer as well as Journeyman and Master Craftsman in concrete construction
  • Participation in the 2 day seminar of the German Structure Protection Association
Componentes de Examen:

Written examination comprising 60 multiple choice and open questions in the following areas:

  • Damage photographs and damage analysis
  • Planning and conception of waterproofing
  • Materials and their applications
  • Horizontal barriers
  • Subsequent indoor and outdoor waterproofing of building parts with ground contact
Competencias Requeridas:

Successful participants are capable of evaluating damage in buildings due to damp and its causes. They have the qualification in the field of waterproofing methods and materials and can plan and carry out the necessary renovation.

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Actualmente implementado en:Alemania