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Qualified Person

Expert for the Evaluation of Real Estate (TÜV)

Certyfikowany właściciel: Daniel Naumann

Numer Znaku: 0000042460

Certified competencies

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of Real Estate
  • Legal areas relevant to evaluation
  • Comparative value method
  • Construction fundamentals relevant to evaluation
  • Asset value methodology
  • Earning capacity value methodology
  • Surveyor tasks
  • Rights, limitations and encumbrances
  • International evaluation methodologies
  • Methods and techniques of evaluation

These experts have mastered different evaluation methodologies and they can produce an expert report which is legally and economically sound. They have specialized expertise in order to work for public authorities or for certification according to DIN EN ISO 17024.


Daniel Naumann, Niemcy