Identyfikator 0000040989: Specialist therapist for Wounds ICW®

Strona jest dostępna w innych językach: German
Tytuł kwalifikacji:Specialist therapist for Wounds ICW®
Wymagania wstępne:

Prerequisite for the participation in the training course is a valid certification as “Wound Expert ICW®” or “Medical Wound Expert ICW®” and participation in the braining course recognized by ICW/TÜV, comprising 120 hours of theory and 40 hours of practical work according to the guidelines of ICW.

Składowe egzaminów:
  • Written examination
  • Colloquium
Wymagane kompetencje:

Successful participants have advanced competencies in the following areas:

  • Disease-specific care of wounds
  • Prevention of chronic wounds
  • Organization of units caring for wounds
  • Patient interaction

After 5 years a recertification is necessary by proving evidence of braining activities recognized by ICW and TÜV.

Currently implemented in:Niemcy