Identyfikator 0000040964: Wound Expert ICW®

Strona jest dostępna w innych językach: German
Tytuł kwalifikacji:Wound Expert ICW®
Wymagania wstępne:

The 48 teaching units of theory and 16 hours of hospitation in the foundation seminar designed according to ICW guidelines and after recognition by PersCert TÜV is offered by numerous continuing education institutions across the country.
Prerequisite for participation in the certification is a professional qualification as a:

  • Doctor (human medicine)
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgical Operative Assistant
  • Surgical Technical Assistant
  • Diabetes Consultant
  • Homeopathic Practitioner
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nurse
  • Podologist
  • Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant
Składowe egzaminów:
  • Written examination
  • Hospitation report
Wymagane kompetencje:

Wound Experts ICW have the competence to work as wound consultants in inpatient and outpatient institutions. According to their basic qualification they carry out the consultancy and therapy independently, document the course of treatment and evaluate the success of the therapy.


Recertification is granted based on evidence of suitable continuing education activities.

Currently implemented in:Niemcy