ID 0000040739: Hospitality-Manners Practitioner

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Título de la Cualificación:Hospitality-Manners Practitioner
Requisitos de Admisión:

The training is aimed at specialists employed in the Japanese service industry, where excellent communication skills and impeccable manners are of paramount importance to create and maintain successful and smooth business relations. Thus, admission requirements are fulfilled if either training in the field of Hospitality Manner or previous work experience can be proven.

Componentes de Examen:

Written exam (multiple choice)

Competencias Requeridas:

Completion of the three module seminar is followed by an examination covering the following topics:
1. Understanding the hospitality-manner mind
2. Projecting the hospitality-manner mind
3. Putting the hospitality-manner mind into practice
Requirements for recertification:
Pass written exam (re-take when failed).

Actualmente implementado en:Japón