ID No. 0000040442: Supplier Quality Engineer (TÜV)

Certification Program Title:Supplier Quality Engineer (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:
College degree or above.
Min. 2 years relevant experience in quality management field.
Examination Components:
• written exam (Single choice)
• written exam (Multiple choice)
• written exam (Open question)
• written exam (Essay submit within 1 month)
Required Competencies:
In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

1. Supply chain strategy
2. Supplier management
3. Supplier relation management
4. Supplier performance evaluation
5. Legal/Contract/Finance
6. Supplier on-site quality auditing
7. Supplier quality management system
8. Project Management during product implementation
9. SQE competence

Successful candidates have the skills for High expertise in all questions of evaluation and sound knowledge of monitoring of the quality capability of suppliers is required in order to successfully achieve the qualification of Supplier Quality Engineer.

Requirements for recertification
1. Provide Recertification application with company chop to ensure current situation.
2. Submit project report to ensure the project ability of SQE
Currently implemented in:China (Mainland)