ID号码 0000039951: Welding Inspector (TÜV)

此ID页面可选择下列语言: German
认证项目名称:Welding Inspector (TÜV)

University degree in a technical discipline. Should specialist knowledge as a welding engineer, master craftsman or technician be available, the duration of the training may be reduced accordingly.

Successful participation in the 2 module training programme

  • Module I: Welding Technology (120 TU)
  • Module II: Inspection of Welding Joints ( 97 TU)
  • Oral examination concerning understanding of norms and interpretation
  • Written examination as MC-test with emphasis on welding technology and inspection
  • Practical examination on the techniques of inspection of welding joints

Welding Inspectors (TÜV) have the competence to define, monitor and document complete work processes in welding technology, from choice of materials through to non-destructive testing.