ID号码 0000039732: Professional for Thermography (TÜV)

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认证项目名称:Professional for Thermography (TÜV)

An industry specific vocational training qualification is required.
Successful participation in the 5 day training course “Professional for Thermography (TÜV)” recognized by the certification body. The training has been designed according to DIN 54162 and EN 473 step 1. Admission to the exam is granted upon a minimum attendance of 80%.


• Written examination (multiple choice)
• Practical examination


In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

• History of thermography
• Heat and measuring temperature
• Principles of radiation physics
• IR camera technology and measuring parameters
• Use of the IR camera and exercises in analysis of thermograms
• Passive and Active thermography
• Report writing

“Professionals for thermography (TÜV)” know the theoretical basics and principles of the infrared measuring technology as well as the processing and analysis of thermograms and have experience in the handling of the thermal image camera.