ID No. 0000039274: Quality Auditor (TÜV) (accredited Personnel Certificate according to EOQ-Model)

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Certification Program Title:Quality Auditor (TÜV) (accredited Personnel Certificate according to EOQ-Model)
Admission Requirements:

Requirements for admission to the certification:

  • Quality Representative (TÜV) and Quality Manager (TÜV) certificates or equivalent accredited qualifications
  • Successfully completed examination as Quality Auditor (TÜV) (no longer than 18 months ago)
  • A completed qualification from a vocational school, a university or a university of applied sciences
  • 4 years of professional experience in a full time position, (with vocational school qualification (technician or master craftsman) 5 years full time are necessary) 2 years of which must be quality related
  • Participation in at least 4 complete quality audits ( as auditor) with at least 20 days for the inspection of documentation, audit planning, carrying out of audit and audit report, of which 10 audit days spent on site.
Examination Components:

Evaluation of the submitted documentation by the accredited certification body.

Required Competencies:

Certificate holders have proven practical experience in quality management and in carrying out quality audits. They can carry out internal and external audits and evaluate whether a management system fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.


At the end of the 3 years (from examination date onwards) recertification is possible.

Current requirements for recertification*:

Quality Auditors must have

  • carried out at least 1 external QM-Audit of a length of no less than 2 days or per year or carried out a t least 3 external QM audits of a minimum length of 6 days on site in the 3 year certification period.


  • carried out at least 2 internal QM audits per year of a minimum length of 2 days on site per audit, however in the 3 year period a minimum of 6 internal QM audits with a length of at least 12 audit days on site in total.


They must have also taken part in a minimum of 1 day training, in which changes in the topic of quality management and quality audit are covered.

* Recertification criteria are those relevant at the time of recertification.

Currently implemented in:Germany