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Certified Product

Guarantees of Origin for Electricity: "HKN NEU100/GO NEW100"

Certificate Holder: Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Test Mark Number: 0000038811


TÜV Rheinland confirms that Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG complies with the following conditions for the product HKN NEU 100/GO NEW100 (acc. Catalogue of Criteria 1.1)

  • Within the framework of HKN NEU 100/GO NEW100 approved, certified guarantees of origin (GoO) for the generation of electricity from renewable energies are used.
  • HKN NEU 100/GO NEW100 provides simultaneous production/issuing of the GoOs  on monthly basis acc. The definition of catalogue of criteria 1.1.
  • All GoO come from new power plants meaning plants that have not been running for longer than at most six years.
  • These new power plants have earmark support, which entails additional funding beyond market revenue.
  • Furthermore all emissions connected with the generation of electricity (construction and operation) are made climate-neutral through emission reduction certificates of quality ÖkoPLUS (Certipedia-ID 0000037968).
  • The production plants and their owners are clearly identifiable.
  • The conditions and the allocation of resources are subjected to annual inspection.

Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG has approved and contractually guaranteed the criteria and the test procedure for HKN NEU 100/GO NEW100 acc. catalogue of criteria 1.1.

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Certificates / Approvals Certificate HKN NEU100 Yes
Test Criteria / Requirement Catalog Kriterienkatalog HKN NEU100/GO NEW100 Yes
Test Criteria / Requirement Catalog Test Criteria HKN NEU100/GO NEW100 Yes
Certificates / Approvals Zertifikat HKN NEU100 Yes