ID 0000038799: Professional for Molecular Medicine (TÜV)

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Título de la Cualificación:Professional for Molecular Medicine (TÜV)
Requisitos de Admisión:

Successful participation in the qualification course „Professional for Molecular Medicine (TÜV)“ as part of the modular training program “Professional in Biotechnology (TÜV)” recognized by the certification body

Componentes de Examen:

Written examination (Multiple choice and open questions) and assignment

Competencias Requeridas:

In the examination the participants prove their knowledge in the following areas.

  • Molecular and cell biological processes
  • Genetic engineering methods and their application
  • Protein technical methods and their application
  • Cell biological methods
  • Molecular causes, diagnostics and therapies
  • Health and safety in the laboratory

Successful candidates have key competencies for creative and reflected work in biomedical oriented research and development institutions, clinics and biotechnology companies.

Actualmente implementado en:Alemania