ID 0000038689: Example: „Title of the Qualification“ (TÜV)

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Título de la Cualificación:Example: „Title of the Qualification“ (TÜV)
Requisitos de Admisión:

The successful participation in the TÜV Rheinland Academy GmbH course authorised by the certification body. The course length is a defined number of teaching units depending on the course. The participation is considered successful if the defined attendance of the participant is confirmed by signature.

Additionally the following is required for some qualifications:

  • Basic knowledge and practical work experience gained over a defined number of years
  • Basic education
  • Participation in authorised training/courses
Componentes de Examen:

Examples of possible examination modules:

  • Written Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Practical Exam
  • Assignment
Competencias Requeridas:

In the examination the certificate holder confirms his/her know-how in the areas relevant to the intended qualification. This can be for example:

  • Recognition and evaluation of facts/circumstances
  • Legal knowledge
  • Technical knowledge
  • Customer consulting and support
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