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Certified Product


Certificate Holder: Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Test Mark Number: 0000037968


ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS guarantees the sustainable selection of emission reduction projects for the climate neutralisation of products in accordance with the following criteria: 


ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS -projects guarantee the promotion of sustainable and social structures.
ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS emission reduction projects are analysed with regard to implemented measures or measures that are to be implemented,   for example in the fields of education, medical care, infrastructure, child development and the promotion of cultural affairs. 

Country-Specific Selection:

Based on internationally recognised indices ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS determines emission reduction projects with a location that permits a tangible sustainable impact. The greatest possible impact is determined on the basis of eco-dynamic development opportunities in the fields of health and the environment (Environmental Performance Index - EPI) and determination of the development situation (Human Development Index - HDI) of the country of assignment.

Effective climate protection:
In comparison to the base scenario, ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS-projects have high potential CO2-savings and consequently contribute effectively to global climate protection.
The ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS product is subjected to annual inspection during the certificate renewal.
Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG have recognised and contractually guaranteed the criteria and test procedure for ÖkoPLUS / EcoPLUS.
The prerequisites for compliance with the conditions stated above are complied with for the years 2019/2020.

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