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    The test includes:

    1. Noise Reduction

      TÜV Rheinland has conducted tests on this product to determine by how many decibels the footfall sound is reduced. The term "footfall sound" means here: the level of noise which is produced when walking on floors in the room. In this respect, TÜV Rheinland has defined a catalogue of tests, which establishes minimum standards for the characteristic of footfall sound reduction when being used as intended according to the product and manufacturer's information. The test catalogue is based on internationally applicable standards or common standards within the industry and exceeds these requirements. The product has been tested in the laboratory according to these criteria. Walking on the floor covering is simulated with a mechanical foot and the room-acoustic characteristics (overall sound pressure level) are measured. These figures are compared with a reference floor (e.g. one without any insulating underlay). Use of the keyword "Noise Reduction" confirms that this product reduces footfall sound by at least 10 dB. This figure corresponds to a 50% reduction in the perceived sound level.

    2. Regular Product Surveillance

      In order to ensure that products tested and certified once by TÜV Rheinland continue to be manufactured at the same quality, product samples are tested at regular intervals. The samples come from the current production or are sourced from the market. The label "Regular Product Surveillance" confirms that the product has been subject to these checks.

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