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Certified Product

Langzeitprobenahme: "AMESA-D"

Certificate Holder: Environnement S.A. Deutschland

Test Mark Number: 0000033596


AMESA-D is a long term sampling system for continuous sampling of dioxins and furans.
AMESA-D samples a part of the waste gas isokinetic and continuously.
Dioxine and furane will be adsorbed in a exchangeable cartridge on XAD-resin.

The certified components and ranges are:

Component         CR     SR 1     Unit
Dioxine/Furane   0 - 0,5 -   ng/m³ TEQ
Velocity   1,1 - 30 -   m/s

CR = certification range
SR = supplementary range

The long term sampling system was tested by TÜV Rheinland Energie und Umwelt GmbH
in accordance with the German "Uniform Practice in monitoring emissions, 2010".
Confirming to the European Standards EN 15267 part 1 and 2, the manufacturer
undergoes annual production and quality contral and is QAL1 certified. 
The measuring equipment is published by the German Federal Environment Protection Agency
(Umweltbundesamt) as being suitability tested.

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