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Certified Product

TAKATA MINI: child car seat for use in aircraft

Certificate Holder: Joyson Safety Systems Germany GmbH

Test Mark Number: 0000033472

The test entails:


Group 0+ (UNECE 44/04) child car seat for children of 3-13 kg (recommended age birth to approx. 15 month).

This child restraint system and the following derivatives are qualified for use in aircraft.

Derivatives to TAKATA MINI:

Lexus Mini
Toyota Mini

The airline has to agree to the usage of the child restraint system in their aircraft’s cabin. For further information please contact your airline.

The user manual provides information for installation of the child restraint system (available as PDF in the download section of our TAKATA child seat website).

Further information about our child car seats can be found at

Since 2018, the TAKATA child seats are distributed at retail as part of the Joyson Safety Systems Germany GmbH.

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