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ID No. 0000033462: PCT Global Pty Ltd.

Hydrophobic Surface, Coating System, EnduroShield



EnduroShield for Glass is a permanent protective coating system to create hydrophobic screens on glass for indoor and outdoor use of buildings. The durability test was carried out to simulate a lifetime of 10 Years on interior and exterior use. Application was carried out using both the hand spray and wipe methods, as well as application with an atomised spray gun. The following tests were carried out on the coating:

  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature shock resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Adhesive properties.

There was no difference in the results between the two application methods. EnduroShield has no requirements of "revitaliser, aftercare or top-up" products to be applied for sustained performance. The certification process included verification of all safety data sheets and product labeling requirements according to TÜV Rheinland standard 2 PfG 1921/06.11.

Product Certificates by TÜV Rheinland

Certificate Type Certificate Number Model Designation
Qualitäts-Prüfung Q Q 60039967 EnduroShield