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Certified Product

Bicycle trailer for kids: "Croozer Kid Plus for 1 (blue), Croozer Kid Plus for 2 (blue), Croozer Kid for 1 (green), Croozer Kid for 2 (green) including accessories (Baby seat, Seat support)"

Certificate Holder: Croozer GmbH

Test Mark Number: 0000032325

The test entails:

Consumer Information

The test of TÜV Rheinlang documents special care during the manufacture of the products that exceeds the normal degree of diligence by far. Products awarded this test mark are characterized by the use of materials that have been tested for harmful substances.

Awarding this test mark to a product means: According to the current state of knowledge there is no concern with regard to potential health risks.

The already in the year 2012 tested and certified models of Croozer Kid and Kid Plus are predecessors of the 2016 models Croozer Kid and Kid Plus.

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