Certyfikowane systemy zarządzania

EN ISO 13485 i ISO 9001

Właściciel certyfikatu: nal von minden GmbH

Numer Znaku: 0000026229

System System zarządzania posiadacza certyfikatu odpowiada normie:

  • EN ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
Zakresy certyfikatu:
  • EN ISO 13485:

    Design and development, production and distribution of rehabilitation devices for laryngectomized and tracheotomized patients as well as accessory devices for wound care.

  • ISO 9001:

    Design and development, manufacture and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic test kits and reagents for the detection of cardiac markers, tumour markers, infections, inflammation, allergies, endocrine disorders, diabetes, hormones, vitamins, special proteins, metabolic disorders, drug misuse, immune status, vaginal pH levels, pregnancy, kidney function, for urine analysis, performance diagnostics, sperm testing, coagulation management systems, for use in clinical laboratories, as near-patient tests and for self-testing and associated in-vitro diagnostic devices for sampling and analysis systems, as well as veterinary diagnostic devices and testing for narcotics and substances.
    Distribution of control materials and tests for blood group determination, medical masks, medical gloves, blood pressure monitoring devices, medical thermometers, swabs, lancets and laboratory analyses.

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