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PV-Module: multiple products

Certificate Holder: S-Energy Co., Ltd.

Test Mark Number: 0000024882

The test entails:


 The following Photovoltaic Modules of S-Energy Co., Ltd.:

SM-xxxPC8: xxx = 280-330 in 5W steps (72 cells), xxx = 230-280 in 5W steps (60 cells)
were tested by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. according to the following standards:

  • IEC 61730-1: Requirements for construction and
  • IEC 61730-2: Photovoltaic module safety qualification – Requirements for testing
  • IEC 61215: Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules – Design qualification and type approval  

The test procedure comprises two major aspects:

1) Sample testing:
The accredited laboratory of TÜV Rheinland runs product tests on selected test samples to verify that these samples are in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements.

The testing includes among other features:

Hail test   UV-exposure test       
Damp-heat test   Mechanical load test       
Hot-spot endurance test  Cut susceptibility test
Humidity-freeze test Module breakage test

2) Periodic inspection:
TÜV Rheinland experts perform periodic quality and production control at the manufacturing site(s) to ensure that all produced PV modules are manufactured with the same materials, using the same processes and at the same quality level as the laboratory tested samples.

Further information on the test criteria and procedures can be accessed through the keywords next to the test mark.

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