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Certified Product

Guarantees of Origin for Electricity: "RenewablePLUS"

Certificate Holder: Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Test Mark Number: 0000023040



TÜV Rheinland confirms that Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG comply with the following conditions for the product RenewablePLUS  (acc. Catalogue of Criteria 1.1“):

  • Within the framework of RenewablePLUS approved, certified guarantees of origin (GoO) for the generation of electricity from renewable energies are used.
  • RenewablePLUS provides simultaneous production/issuing of the GoOs  on monthly basis.
  • It is ensured that the operators and owners, or their subsidiaries or affiliated companies, invest all income from the sale of guarantees of origin in the respective supply year
    • in new plants and/or
    • in the expansion or the extension of existing plants and/or
    • in voluntary ecological measures within the framework of the generation of electricity from renewable energies
  • The amount of green investments by the carrier has at least to match their revenues from GoOs labelled as RenewablePLUS on a yearly basis.
  • Furthermore all emissions connected with the generation of electricity (construction and operation) are made climate-neutral through emission reduction certificates of quality ÖkoPLUS (Certipedia-ID 0000037968).
  • The production plants and their owners are clearly identifiable.
  • The conditions and the allocation of resources are subjected to annual inspection.

Bischoff & DItze Energy GmbH & Co. KG has approved and contractually guaranteed the criteria and the test procedure for RenewablePLUS. The conditions stated above were fulfilled for the year 2020. The prerequisites for compliance are fulfilled for the calendar year 2021.

Further information by the certificate holder about the certified product: The certificate holder has not provided further information about the certified product.
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Document Type Document Title Approved by TÜV Rheinland Document Description
Certificates / Approvals Certificate RenewablePLUS Yes
Test Criteria / Requirement Catalog Renewable PLUS Kriterienkatalog 1.1 Yes Produktbeschreibung des Produktes "Renewable PLUS" in der Version 1.1.
Test Criteria / Requirement Catalog RenewablePLUS: Catalogue of Criteria 1.1 Yes
Certificates / Approvals Zertifikat RenewablePLUS Yes