ID号码 0000022016: Professional for Building Technology (TÜV)

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认证项目名称:Professional for Building Technology (TÜV)
Successful participation in the 4 module TÜV Rheinland Akademe GmbH training programme „Professional for Building Technology (TÜV)“ recognised by the certification body. Admission to the examination is granted on a minimum attendance of 80% of the total 40 teaching units.
• Written examination
By passing the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

• Installation of drinking water and waste water
• Noise protection and exhaust air system
• Electrics
• Energy management
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

With the proven competencies Professionals for Building Technology can contribute to lowering the general costs of operation by recognising problems in advance, removing their causes and reacting efficiently to technical incidents. With their know-how, they can evaluate the various requests and repairs professionally. They can either carry out the work independently or pass the execution on to a specialist service company.