ID No. 0000019804: Examiner for Railway Vehicle Drivers

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Certification Program Title:Examiner for Railway Vehicle Drivers
Admission Requirements:

Admission to the exam as examiner for Railway Vehicle Drivers is given to individuals with:

  • A German or equivalent degree in construction engineering, mechanical engineering, electro-technical engineering or related engineering science or an engineering science in transport or
  • at least five years professional experience as Railway Vehicle Driver and
  • un-interrupted service in the railway service during the past three years and the expert knowledge for the examination content.

Additionally they should have:

  • the vehicle authorisation for electrically driven vehicles and/or diesel vehicles and /or auxiliary vehicles and/or steam engines
  • successfully completed a recognised training for examiners with a minimum length of 56 hours.

Additional requirements:

  • minimum age of 26
  • mental and physical suitability
  • warrants for impartiality, reliability and credibility as well as keeping to the obligations according to the certification requirements
Examination Components:
  • Written examination
  • Oral examination
  • Practical examination
Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Safety-relevant technology
  • Operations
  • Educational science
  • Examination behaviour
  • Certification

Certified Examiners for Railway Vehicle Drivers have the professional and social competence, in order to prove the suitability of railway vehicle drivers impartially and reliably.

Cooperation Partner:DB Training
Currently implemented in:Germany