ID号码 0000006135: Expert for Damage to Buildings (TÜV)

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This certification programme was carried out until 06/2017.

认证项目名称:Expert for Damage to Buildings (TÜV)

Degree in a relevant subject such as architecture, construction engineering, geography, surveying, law and business administration or geodesy and a minimum of 2 years Professional experience or a recognized vocational qualification as Master Craftsman or Technician in the field of construction or real estate with a minimum of 5 years professional experience.

Successful participation in the TÜV Rheinland Akademie course “Expert for Damage to Buildings (TÜV)” recognized by the certification body. Admission to the exam is granted upon 80% attendance of the 10 module training.

  • Written exam (multiple choice)
  • Preparation of written survey

In the examination the participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Preparation of surveys
  • Fire protection
  • Building maintenance
  • Acoustic protection and building acoustics
  • Building design, masonry and cracks in masonry

Equipped with comprehensive knowledge in construction these experts can carry out work for courts and public authorities and also prepare surveys for companies or private individuals.



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