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Chair: Swivel Chair ""ABC""

Certificado Titular: Hersteller GmbH (Example)

Número de logotipo: 0000000109

Información al Consumidor

The Office-Workchair "ABC" of Hersteller GmbH:

  • with height-adjustable seat
  • available with or without armrests
  • synchronic mechanics, adjustable for body weight
  • adjustable or non adjustable armrests
  • sliding seat mechanics

Foot stand made of plastics or aluminium. Five load-dependent braked twin castors. 


TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH has tested and certified the following quality criteria:

The office work-chair "ABC" complies with all relevant safety- and quality requirements of the TÜV standard 2PfG YYY.

All processed materials are tested in accordance with respective standards for toxic parts and the values are at least 50% below the required limits.

One of the most important conditions of the customer's well being is the ergonomic construction style which can be attested to “ABC”.

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