Safety tested, EN 61730

The meaning of Safety tested, EN 61730

The standard EN 61730 comprises the requirements for the design and the testing of PV modules regarding the qualification for the safe electrical and mechanical operation throughout their expected lifetime. The test sequences of the EN 61730 are designed such that they can co-ordinate with those of the EN 61215/EN 61646 (PV modules - design qualification and type approval) and the test samples may be used for the performance as well as for the safety qualification. Among the test categories are:

- general inspection
- electric shock hazard
- mechanical stress
- environmental stress

Beside the basic tests, the standard foresees additional test that depend on the module end-use applications, which are categorized in classes A, B and C.

PV modules qualified for Application class A are considered to meet the requirements for Safety Class II.

The tests are judged to be passed, if the test applied would not result into potential electric shock and personal injury.

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