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  • 证书号 - CCG-GODA-3.01-0003-2

    • 证书持有人
      Goda Bankin Co., Ltd.

      2-1-37 Goda, Okaya, Nagano 394-0021

      株式会社郷田鈑金 394-0021 長野県岡谷市郷田2-1-37
    • 证书号码
      - CCG-GODA-3.01-0003-2
    • 获证产品
      マツダ ロードスター NA, NB(Mazda Roadster NA, NB) RX-3 S124A(MAZDA RX-3) RX-7 SA22C, FC3S, FD3S(MAZDA RX-7)
    • 测试标准
      TUV Rheinland Japan Classic Car Workshop Certification - Standard Version 3.01 -- テュフ ラインランド ジャパン株式会社クラシックカーガレージ認証、スタンダード3.01版

    • 签发日期
    • 证书类型
      Classic Car Workshop Certification

      TÜV Rheinland has assessed this garage or workshop to ascertain its abilities to repair and/or restore classic cars according to the repair technique and standards of the vehicle manufacturer, so that those classic cars repaired and/or restored are close to original condition. This assessment is conducted both in compliance and technical points of view.

      Restoring classic vehicle, the highest level of service and repair is required to meet the original car manufacturer's and customer’s expectations. This is of particular importance in the area of garage/workshop where the implementation of correct working process, practices, knowledge, and use of approved materials and products is the only way to truly restore the vehicle to its original condition and maintain its cosmetic and structural integrity. In order to achieve this, special facilities, know how, staff, equipment and IT are required.

      テュフ ラインランドのクラシックカーガレージ認証は、クラシックカーの修理・整備・レストアなどを行う工場に対する認証です。