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  • Zertifikatsnr. PCF C01-2022-05-21255920

    • Zertifikatsinhaber
      Spreewood Distillers GmbH

      Dorfstraße 56
      15910 Schlepzig
    • Zertifikatsnummer
      PCF C01-2022-05-21255920
    • Zertifiziertes Produkt
    • Prüfgrundlage(n)
    • Ausstellungsdatum
    • Zertifikatstyp
      Product Carbon Footprint

      As a result of global warming, governments, enterprises, investors, NGOs and consumers are urged to find out their CO2 emission quantities. They want to know how to calculate and verify CO2 emission activities. TUV Rheinland Group offers services to calculate product carbon footprints according to the three internationally recognised scopes using accepted standards and emissions factors. The carbon footprint report and statement can be used to communicate with every stakeholder that is interested in knowing more about CO2 emission.


      TUV Rheinland Group offers carbon footprint services, which calculate the product footprints on behalf of our clients operating across various sectors and geographies.

      International standard:

      PAS 2050: Business to Business (B2B) Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of product emissions
      PAS 2050: Business to Consumer (B2C) Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of product emissions

      BP X30- 323: General principles for environmental labeling products of mass consumption

      ISO 14067 (Draft)
      ISO 14040
      ISO 14044

      GHG Protocol