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RheinEnergie Express GmbH

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Numer Certyfikatu: ZOEA C-06-2021-21253233-7
Certyfikowany produkt: Ökostrom (Ökostromangebote)

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FairKlima 12, FairKlima flex, FairNatur 12, TradeKlima 12, TradeKlimaWV 12

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Data wydania: 2021-06-09
Typ Certyfikatu: Certified Green Electricity

Certified Green Electricity

Green electricity that is offered by energy supply companies and electricity traders is primarily aimed at the final consumer. The certification of green electricity products ensures transparency and enables the final consumer to evaluate the electricity on offer more easily.

Certification can be carried out on the basis of the basic directive for green electricity products in accordance with VdTÜV 1304 or on the basis of the supplier’s specific catalogue of criteria. A combination of both is also possible

The criteria that are applicable to the corresponding green electricity offered must be described in detail in all documentation that is intended for third parties and in the certification report.

Certification on the basis of the basic directive for green electricity products in accordance with VdTÜV 1304 (October 2014)

  • Electricity supplied in the form of a green electricity product must be produced completely from renewable energy sources.
  • The supplier understands renewable energies to be exclusively such energy sources and technologies that are defined as renewable in corresponding national legislation.
  • The EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) is the basis for green electricity products offered in Germany.
  • The renewable energy supplied must be documented by cancelled guarantees of origin of the respective national register of guarantees of origin. The cancellation statement must state the corresponding green electricity tariff as the cancellation purpose. Electricity for which feed-in tariffs have been paid (production support) will not be recognised.
  • The main objective of the provider must be to promote and support a sustainable supply of energy. Implementation of this objective is verified, for example, through participation in the construction and operation of energy generation plants for renewable energies or the promotion of energy saving measures, etc.
  • Surcharges for green electricity products as compared to comparable standard tariffs (e.g. tariff for the majority of customers, as applicable the basic supply tariff) may not be used to further increase revenue, but to benefit the promotion of renewable energies, in particular the construction of plants to generate regenerative energy,.
  • The maximum period of time for equalising the energy balance is one year. The provider must use a reliable method to continuously safeguard the balance between generation/purchase and supply.
  • In case of simultaneous supply, the average power is to be taken into account at fifteen minute intervals.
  • Additional characteristics of the corresponding green electricity tariff that are guaranteed by the electricity provider, are included in the scope of certification.[1]
  • The customer receives correct and transparent information about the certified green electricity product. In addition information is also provided about the promotion of the sustainable energy supply and usage of subsidies.

[1] If CO2-neutrality is to be certified, it has to show that upstream chains are also taken into account and that certificates from recognised climate protection projects are used in compensation (e.g. CER, ERU, Gold Standard, VCS).

The certification regulations comply with the basic directive for green electricity products from the VdTÜV-Merkblatt 1304: October 2014