Certificate No. ZHS C-06-2020-21250121-1

Certificate Holder: Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Kreuzweg 7
20099 Hamburg
Certificate Number: ZHS C-06-2020-21250121-1
Certified Product: Guarantees of Origin for Electricity RenewablePLUS

Model Designation:

Fulfilled Standards:
Date of Issue: 2020-06-26
Certificate Type: Certified guarantee of origin for electricity

Certified guarantee of origin for electricity

The following criteria represent the fundamental minimum conditions that can be extended to include specific criteria from the supplier. The criteria that apply to the guarantees of origin must be described in detail in all documentation that is intended for third parties and in the certification report.

Criteria for issuing certificates (minimum requirements):

  • The actual marketable quantity of electricity is certified. This is calculated from the gross output minus all on-site consumption (e.g. pumping) and other supply obligations.
  • The electricity supplied within the framework of the product can be traced back to clearly described and identifiable sources.
  • If the installations are not included in certification, then certificates that have been issued within the framework of recognised certificate trading systems may also be included.
  • The supplier has a reliable and transparent procedure/system for balancing amounts.
  • The number of certificates traded (production, delivery to customers) is traceable at all times. Balancing is effected at least once a year.
  • The product is subjected to regular inspection with regard to compliance with the criteria.