Invalid Certificate

Certificate Holder: Mission Solar Energy

8303 S. New Braunfels Avenue
78235 San Antonio
United States
Certificate Number: TU 82180018
Certified Product: PV Module (Flat Plate Photovoltaic Modules)

Model Designation:
MSExxxSQ4S (xxx=345-365), 1500V, 72 PERC mono-Si cells
MSExxxSQ5T (xxx=280-300), 1000V, 60 PERC mono-Si cells
MSExxxSO4J (xxx=320-350), 1500V, 72 mono-Si cells
MSExxxSO5T (xxx=260-290), 1000V, 60 mono-Si cells
MSExxxSQ6S (xxx=345-365), 1000V, 72 PERC mono-Si cells
MSExxxSO6J (xxx=320-350), 1000V, 72 mono-Si cells
MSExxxSQ6W (xxx=335-355), 1000V, 72 PERC mono-Si cells
MSExxxSO6W (xxx=320-340), 1000V, 72 mono-Si cells
MSExxxSQ5K (xxx=285-305), 1000V, 60 PERC mono-Si cells
MSExxxSO5K (xxx=270-290), 1000V, 60 mono-Si cells

Fulfilled Standards: UL 1703:2002 R6.16

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
For more standards and/or upgrades please refer to the latest pages of the same certificate no.
Date of Issue: May 08, 2018

This certificate is no longer valid.