Certificado nº G 7XXXX

Certificado Titular: Hersteller GmbH

Teststr. 1
1111 Teststadt
Número de Certificado: G 7XXXX
Productos certificados: Beispielprodukt
Estándares cumplidos:
Fecha de emisión: 07 de junio de 2006
Tipo de Certificado: La marca de ergonomía

This voluntary certification is awarded by TÜV Rheinland after ergonomics tests according to national and international standards. The test mark indicates that products are optimally adjusted to the ergonomic needs of the people concerned. The test mark is awarded, inter alia, for domestic appliances, IT equipment, furniture and medical devices and software.

For receiving the award, the product must not only fulfil the ergonomic requirements, but also meet the prescribed safety standards.

After type examination the manufacture of products is regularly monitored.

Certified products may be labelled with a test mark.

The certification is valid as long as the test specifications are up to date and the certificate has not been terminated, neither by the customer nor by TÜV Rheinland. The validity of the certificate expires if changes are made to the product.

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