Zertifikatsnr. TU 72193408

Avancis GmbH

Solarstrasse 3
04860 Torgau
Zertifikatsnummer: TU 72193408
Auftragsnummer: 3327751
Zertifiziertes Produkt: PV Modul (Photovoltaic Module)


Prüfgrundlage(n): UL 61730-2:2017
UL 61730-1:2017

Diese Standards geben den Status zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Zertifikates wieder.
Für mehr Standards und/oder Änderungen vergleichen Sie bitte die letzte Seite des Zertifikats.
Ausstellungsdatum: 2020-05-25
Zertifikatstyp: TUV Rheinland US Mark

USA standard conformity certificate

The TU Certificate is based on a valid, applicable U.S. national standard in combination with all the related services such as regular factory inspections. The TUV Rheinland U.S. test mark is proof of compliance with U.S. national standards. It shows the buyer, customer, local authority having jurisdiction or consumer that a device has been successfully tested and certified by an impartial and independent testing laboratory. The principle of integrating regular spot checks into an approval, assures both the client and the buyer of continued compliance. This system guarantees the quality of the test-mark and therefore represents a credible marketing tool.