Certificado nº TM 61000170

Certificado Titular: P.P.H. FROGUM Mirosław Frontczak

Cieszyńska 22
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
Número de Certificado: TM 61000170
Productos certificados: Dywaniki samochodowe z serii NEGRO

Designación del modelo:
Szczegółowa lista wyrobów zawarta w certyfikacie nr 61000170.001


Certyfikacja na znak zgodności TM

Estándares cumplidos:
Fecha de emisión: 09 de junio de 2014
Tipo de Certificado: Testing & Monitoring Certificate

A product bearing the TM Mark of Conformity is a guarantee that the product itself as well as its manufacturing process are subject to testing and supervised by an independent Certifying Body. If you wish for your products to stand out in the market, the Mark of Conformity is the solution you are looking for. The marking along with the related certificate will underline the importance of your products and constitute an additional guarantee of their safety and high quality.