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Certyfikat numer FN 60157506

  • Właściciel certyfikatu
    WINI Büromöbel Georg Schmidt
    GmbH & Co. KG
    Auhagenstr. 79
    31863 Coppenbrügge
  • Numer Certyfikatu
    FN 60157506
  • Numer zamówienia
  • Certyfikowany produkt
    Office Cabinet (Stauraummöbel/ storage furniture)

    Opis modelu:
    Produktgruppe: Stauraummöbel
    Product group: storage furniture

  • Standardy spełnione
    FEMB level:2017

    Lista certyfikatów obrazuje stan na czas wystawienia certyfikatu.
  • Data wydania
  • Typ Certyfikatu

    The FEMB sustainability standard was developed by the FEMB, the umbrella organisation of European office furniture manufacturers. The standard includes FEMB sustainability requirements for ready-to-sell office and contract furniture for indoor use.

    By meeting various preconditions and other requirements based on measurable performance criteria, a company can demonstrate the sustainability of its products. The products, their production and the organizational framework conditions are evaluated in the following areas:

    • Materials
    • Energy and atmosphere
    • Human health and the environment 
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Proof of product safety is a prerequisite for certification.

    The level mark is awarded in three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The certification level achieved by a particular product depends on the extent to which the product itself, its production facilities and the manufacturer's organization meet the requirements of the FEMB sustainability standard.

    All preconditions in the areas of "materials", "energy and atmosphere", "human and ecosystem health" and "social responsibility" must be met. In addition, a certain number of certification points must be achieved for each certification level.

    The overall score achieved represents the degree of maturity of the individual product with regard to its sustainability.

    For this purpose, a classification into three levels is made.

    • Level 1: 32 to 44 points, of which at least 5 points are product-related: Basic level
    • Level 2: 45 to 62 points, of which at least 11 points are product-related: Intermediate level
    • Level 3: 63 to 94 points, of which at least 18 points are product-related: Advanced level

    This is an evaluation of the individual product/series on the basis of the given standard and not a comparative evaluation.

    The manufacture of products bearing this mark is regularly monitored. The test mark is valid as long as the test requirements are still current and the certificate is not terminated either by the customer or by TÜV Rheinland. The validity of the certificate expires if the product is modified.

    Certified products may be marked with a test mark.