Certificate No. LI 60125008

Certificate Holder: Lin Shing Enterprise (Thailand)
Co., Ltd.
60/28 Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate
Moo 19, T.Klong 1, A. Klong Luang
12120 Pathumtani
Certificate Number: LI 60125008
Order Number: 3223578
Certified Product: Mattresses

Model Designation:
Matratze / Mattress - Matratzenkern / Mattresscore HK4

Fulfilled Standards: 2 PfG Q2215/05.2013

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
Date of Issue: November 21, 2017
Certificate Type: LGA-QZ-Zertifikat

LGA Quality Certificate

The LGA Quality Certificate can be acquired for products which comply with the legal demands and in addition show good quality and fitness for use characteristics. The product's quality features such as user-friendliness, durability, ergonomics or maintenance friendliness are subject to careful examination. The tests also consider safety aspects.
The basic testing and certification requirements are based on current consumer requirements, as well as long-term experience in the quality assurance of products. These are stipulated in variable test programs that refer to particular characteristics of the product.
The validity of the certificate does not expire unless the standard(s) expire(s), either the client or our Certification body cancels the certificate. The use of the LGA Quality Certificate requires a product monitoring. Certified products may be labeled with a test mark.