Certyfikat numer Q 60104486

Certyfikowany właściciel: Bohle AG

Dieselstr. 10
42781 Haan
Numer Certyfikatu: Q 60104486
Numer zamówienia: 3037382
Certyfikowany Produkt: Chemical agent (Hydrophobe Oberfläche)

Opis modelu:

Spełnione Standardy: 2 PfG 1921/06.2011

Lista certyfikatów obrazuje stan na czas wystawienia certyfikatu.
Data wydania: wrzesień 14, 2015
Typ Certyfikatu: Qualitäts-Prüfung Q

Tested Quality Characteristics

The tested quality mark applies to products tested by TÜV Rheinland that offer both: safety and quality. The product's key quality features are visible at a glance as keywords inside the test mark.

A safety test forms the basis for all further tests. The requirements of the tried-and-tested TÜV Rheinland safety marks are used as benchmarks for meeting safety standards. Next, the product's quality features are subjected to careful examination. Criteria such as user-friendliness, durability, ease of maintenance, and low-noise design are key factors.

The basic requirements catalog is based on current consumer requirements and wishes, as well as long-term experience in the quality assurance of products. These are documented in variable test programs that refer to individual characteristics of the product.

TÜV Rheinland tests a product sample and conducts regular production surveillance.

The validity of the certificate does not expire unless the standard(s) expire or either the client or TÜV Rheinland cancels the certificate.

Certified products may be labeled with a test mark.

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