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  • Zertifikatsnr. T 50549091

    • Zertifikatsinhaber
      Baosheng(Shandong) Cable Co.,Ltd.

      No.8 Fushan Road,
      Ningyang Country Industrial Park,
      Tai'an City,
    • Zertifikatsnummer
      T 50549091
    • Auftragsnummer
    • Zertifiziertes Produkt
      PV-Leitungen (Cables for Photovoltaic-Systems)

      PV1-F 1X1,5...35mm²
      PV1-F RM 1X1,5...35mm²

    • Prüfgrundlage(n)
      2 PfG 1169/08.2007

      Diese Standards geben den Status zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Zertifikates wieder.
    • Ausstellungsdatum
    • Zertifikatstyp


      The T-Mark is based on any valid, applicable standard in combination with all the related services such as first factory inspections that are offered with GS- mark and BAUART-mark. Since the introduction of this test mark, its recognition has widely spread beyond the American borders and is therefore being used as a neutral "third party approval". This mark is unambiguous and international and represents a solid basis for future national / international requirements. The principle of integrating regular spot checks into an approval, assures both the client and the buyer of continued compliance. This system guarantees the quality of the test-mark and therefore represents a credible marketing tool with widely spread acceptance of the basic principle of "test + control = quality".