Invalid Certificate

Certificate Holder: Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.

No.019, floor 9, building 6,
yard 33, middle Xierqi Road,
Haidian District
China (Mainland)
Certificate Number: Q 50471924
Certified Product: Telecom Equipment (Mobile Phone)

Model Designation:
M2006C3MNG, M2006C3MNY, M2006C3LVG, M2006C3LVY,
M2006C3MII, M2006C3MG, M2006C3LI, M2006C3LG,
M2006C3LC (Redmi)
M2006C3MI (POCO)

Fulfilled Standards: 2 PfG 2383/06.2016

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
For more standards and/or upgrades please refer to the latest pages of the same certificate no.
Date of Issue: 2020-06-24

This certificate is no longer valid.