Certificado nº TA 50448658

Certificado Titular:

No.33, Gongqu Rd.,
52861 Fangyuan Township, Changhua County
Número de Certificado: TA 50448658
Número de Pedido: 238102576
Productos certificados: Plastics (Recycled PE, PP)
Estándares cumplidos: ISO 14021:2016

La(s) norma(s) enumerada(s) aquí representan el estatus en el momento de la emisión del certificado.
Fecha de emisión: 2019-10-05
Tipo de Certificado: License

Taiwan, Standard Compliance

The TA-Certificate is issued by TUEV Rheinland (Taiwan) Ltd. to indicate compliance of products with standards, regulations and test methods as shown on the certificate.

This includes regular quality assurance in the factory.

Testing and certification is voluntary.

The certificate remains valid for five years after the date of issue indicated on the certificate’s last page. The certificate expires if the standards, regulations or test methods expire or the client or TUEV Rheinland cancels the certificate. The certificate becomes invalid if the product is altered.

Certified products may be labeled with a test mark.