Invalid Certificate

Certificate Holder: Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies
Co., Ltd.
No.1 Talesun Road, Shajiabang,
Changshu, Suzhou,
215542 Jiangsu
China (Mainland)
Certificate Number: PV 50421898
Certified Product: PV Module

Model Designation:
TP672P-xxx (xxx=315-335, in steps of 5, 72 cell)
With 6" mono c-Si cells:
With 6" poly c-Si cells:
TP660P-xxx (xxx=265-280, in steps of 5, 60 cell)
TP672M-xxx (xxx=325-360, in steps of 5, 72 cell)
TP660M-xxx (xxx=270-300, in steps of 5, 60 cell)

Fulfilled Standards: IEC 61730-2:2016
IEC 61730-1:2016
IEC 61215-2:2016
IEC 61215-1-1:2016
IEC 61215-1:2016

The standard(s) listed here reflect the status at the time of the release of this certificate.
For more standards and/or upgrades please refer to the latest pages of the same certificate no.
Date of Issue: November 15, 2018

This certificate is no longer valid.