Certyfikat numer AN 50290936

Właściciel certyfikatu:
Cozee (New Zealand) Limited

3 Vanguard Road, Kelston,
Auckland 0602,
Nowa Zelandia
Numer Certyfikatu: AN 50290936
Numer zamówienia: 154039051
Certyfikowany produkt: Electric Blanket (Electric hot bag)

Opis modelu:
CHB001-240V-xx CHB002-240V-xx CBW003-240V-xx

Standardy spełnione: Council Directive 2006/95/EC - Annex I
EN 62233:2008
EN 60335-1:2012
EN 60335-2-17:2013

Lista certyfikatów obrazuje stan na czas wystawienia certyfikatu.
Data wydania: 2014-08-21
Typ Certyfikatu: Konformitätsbesch. NSpRL 73/23/EWG

CoC (Certificate of Conformity)

The certificate of conformity (CoC) refers to the product specified in the certificate. The certificate demonstrates that a product sample was tested and evaluated at a specific time, and found to be in conformity with the assessment requirements specified in the certificate.

A CoC is relevant to importers and exporters to prove that products comply with local regulations.

This certificate does not imply an assessment of the product’s production and does not permit the use of a TÜV Rheinland test mark.

The holder of the certificate is authorized to use this certificate in connection in with the EC declaration of conformity unless the product is altered.