Certyfikat numer J 50115827

Certyfikowany właściciel:
Terminal Co., Ltd.

2-1366 Kamimaruko Sannou-cho
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 2110002
Numer Certyfikatu: J 50115827
Numer zamówienia: 213070837
Certyfikowany Produkt: Serial Terminal Block (Terminal Block)

Opis modelu:
TWP965L3wx-yP-z-NF series
w,x,y,z = see Appendix 1

Spełnione Standardy: EN 60947-7-1:2002

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Data wydania: 2007-10-09
Typ Certyfikatu: Certificate of Surveyed Conformity

Certificate of Surveyed Conformity (J-Mark)

The certificate of surveyed conformity refers to the product specified in the certificate.

The tested products are usually individual parts or components, such as parts of a manufacturing chain, in contrast to ready-to-use finished products.

The certificate serves as evidence that a product sample has been tested and evaluated, and that the essential safety requirements of the product, with the exceptions as stipulated on the certificate, have been fulfilled.

Testing and certification are voluntary. TÜV Rheinland tests a product sample and inspects the product’s manufacture at regular intervals.

The certificate remains valid unless the standard(s) expire or the client or TÜV Rheinland cancels the certificate. The certificate becomes invalid if the product is altered.

Certified products may be labeled with a test mark.