Certificate No. QNL 1250R-89201079

Certificate Holder: Saint Gobain Glass
Chantereine R&D Centre
Thermal for Buildings Group Acoustics
Thermal for Buildings-Optics-Metrology Dept.
60777 Thourotte
Certificate Number: QNL 1250R-89201079
Certified Product:
Fulfilled Standards:
Date of Issue: 2012-04-17
Certificate Type: Quality Approved NL

TÜV Rheinland Group assigns the Q(uality) Mark to products that offer safety plus quality. Fundamental quality features of a product will be visible at first glance. The listing - and therefore emphasis - of certain product characteristics serves as an exemplary guide and a decision-making aid for the consumer who faces a dazzling variety of goods.

How is the testing performed? Our motto is: "Safety first". Thus safety testing becomes a precondition for further tests. E.g. the requirements for the well proven and worldwide known Safety Marks of the TÜV Rheinland Group are drawn on as a benchmark for the fulfillment of safety standards. Following this, the quality criteria will be thoroughly analysed. Criteria such as usability, durability, low-noise and design, are all taken into account.

As a foundation for the basic-requirement catalogue, consumer's wishes and longstanding experience in the field of product testing are considered. Thus, variable test programs emerge, which apply to the individual characteristics of a product.