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Certificado nº 01 357 2100397/007

  • Número de Certificado
    01 357 2100397/007
  • Certificado Titular

    Römerhofweg 1d
    50374 Erftstadt
  • Alcance de la Certificación

    Private Tuition
    Online Tutoring

    Durchführung von Nachhilfe
    Durchführung von Online-Nachhilfe

  • Tipo de Certificado

    The standard for Service Quality in Private Tuition as well as its additional modules: (1) online tuition and (2) individual tuition (at home) focus on the quality of tutoring conducted according to an individual learning concept and in an appropriate learning environment. It can serve as a guide for parents and students when choosing a tuition provider.

    The standard and additional modules focus on the following criteria:

    • Infrastructure of the organization and its system characteristics
    • Individual support by qualified teachers and up-to-date learning materials
    • Customer service and quality of advice
    • Contract design

    The additional modules differ only in the medium through which the tutoring is offered, e.g. in the case of online tutoring, additional criteria regarding a secure digital environment as well as the cancellation policy and handling of personal data are checked.

    The tutoring in both modules takes place in a closed (digital) face-to-face environment, so special attention is paid to dealing with minors, in the form of the extended police clearance certificate.

    Qualified auditors from TÜV Rheinland who are approved for the standard carry out the certification.

    In an on-site audit, the auditor checks the implementation of the certification criteria against a list of criteria in interviews with employees and by inspecting documents and databases. There is an inspection of the site as well as observation of a teaching unit and a counselling session.

    The auditing of the additional modules of the quality standard for tutoring (online tutoring, individual tutoring at home) is partly carried out remotely, e.g. a visit to an online lesson or a remote inspection of an outsourced classroom.

    In a mystery call, the auditor verifies the competence and customer orientation of the employees.

    Following the audit, the company receives an audit report in which the fulfilment of the criteria is documented. After a successful audit, they receive a certificate with a 3-year term as well as the TÜV Rheinland test mark.