Certificate No. 01 153 1600197

Certificate Number: 01 153 1600197
Certificate Holder: Untis GmbH

Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau

Providing software for the education sector including services for these products

SoA_ v1.3., 28.10.2019

Bereitstellen von Software für den Bildungsbereich inklusive Dienstleistungen für diese Produkte

SoA_ v1.3., 28.10.2019

Proporcionar software para el sector educativo incluyendo los servicios relacionados con estos productos

SoA_ v1.3., 28.10.2019

Certificate Type: ISO/IEC 27001

Standard for Information Security Management Systems

ISO/IEC 27001 is a voluntary, international standard for the evaluation and certification of the management of information security processes within companies, issued by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.

In addition to information technology, ISO/IEC 27001 particularly considers the relevant business processes. It not only describes the demands made on the organization and the technical systems, but also the suitable activities for permanently sustaining the security level determined on the basis of the risk assessment.

Certification is relevant to all organizations that work with confidential data that they want to protect.

The information security management system showing the TÜV Rheinland mark is audited and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Expert auditors analyze and evaluate the customers' organization. If all necessary requirements are fulfilled the organization is certified according to ISO 27001. The information security management system of the organization is subject to periodic surveillance.

Certified organizations may use the test mark in their communications.

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